About Us

In 2006, a number of generous people, believing in rehabilitation and with the intention of supporting and trusting Socially disadvantaged and homeless people, and finally helping the recovery process started distributing a limited number of foods among them, and established a ritual that has been followed non-stop for nearly ten years, every week on Tuesday nights and by the name “Aieen Mehrvarzi”. Today, “ Toloo Bi-neshanha society” as the only specialist supporter of the cardboard sleeping problem, seeks to change social attitude towards addiction and cardboard sleeping by preserving and disseminating “Aieen Mehrvarzi”. and helping more affected people in the process of treatment and recovery. Food distribution is, in fact, an opportunity and an excuse to effectively communicate with people who are simultaneously suffering from cardboard sleeping problem and drug addiction. The result of the continues presence of Toloo’s generous people on Tuesday nights is the remarkable number of “clean” and recovered volunteers returning each week to Toloo’s food distribution team with reliance on their will, courtesy and respect, to take the first step in changing the path of their lives.

Current activities
Mehrabeh Project

Water supply to 19 villages of Sistan and Baluchestan province

Noghte Sefr Marzi

Providing bags and stationery for low-income children living in deprived areas…


The plan of Tehran nohunger can be achieved through continuous and appropriate communication with food factories and …


supporters in Iran


Every Tuesday night, helpers and supporters of “ Toloo Bi-neshanha Society” come together to distribute about 1600 to 3000 food packages, with a smile and love between homeless