Toloo Bineshanha Society Introduction

In 2006, a number of generous people, believing in rehabilitation and with the intention of supporting and trusting Socially disadvantaged and homeless people, and finally helping the recovery process started distributing a limited number of foods among them, and established a ritual that has been followed non-stop for nearly ten years, every week on Tuesday nights and by the name  “Aieen Mehrvarzi”.

Today, “ Toloo Bi-neshanha society” as the only specialist supporter of the homelessness problem, seeks to change  social attitude towards addiction and homelessness by preserving and disseminating  “Aieen Mehrvarzi”. and helping more affected people in the process of  treatment and recovery.

Food distribution is, in fact, an opportunity and an excuse to effectively communicate with people who are simultaneously suffering from homelessness problem and drug addiction.

The result of the continues presence of Toloo’s generous people on Tuesday nights is the remarkable number of “clean” and recovered volunteers returning each week to Toloo’s food distribution team with reliance on their will, courtesy and respect, to take the first step  in changing the path of their lives.

today, “ Toloo Bi-neshanha society” as the only specialist supporter of the homelessness problem, seeks to change the community’s view of addiction  and homelessness by preserving and disseminating “The Ritual of Kindness” and helping more   Needed people in the process of treatment and recovery.

Food distribution is, in fact, an opportunity and an excuse to effectively communicate with people who are simultaneously suffering from homelessness and drug addiction.

Whit this explanation, Toloo’s activities can be divided into two main areas:

  • Activities with a supportive approach
  • Activities with a social approach
  • Activities with a supportive approach

The target of Toloo’s support activities is people affected by homelessness. Toloo believes that men, women and children with the experience of homelessness are victims of a social process. To clarify this, we need to define the word victim.

In sociology, when the number of people involved in an anti-social behavior (ex, crime or drug  abuse or divorce , etc.) increases over a period of time, there  would be a significant number of  individuals called victims,  . This means that in addition to the individual’s personal decision, many social factors are involved in dragging people in the process,  As long as the power of social factors is superior to the power of individual decisions,  we consider the individual  as a victim of social processes.

The definition of homelessness in Iran is fundamentally different from the universal meaning of homelessness. Unlike elsewhere in the world, homelessness is not simply the result of poverty or lifestyle, but it is the result of a complete social abandonment. This means that the homeless in a process of continually performing anti-social behaviors (specially addiction) reaches a level of anti-social existence that generally goes beyond the family and community tolerance level, and finally, the homeless himself, by accepting this abandonment, departs from the social form of society and adopts a completely anti-social way, namely, homelessness.

Toloo believes that homelessness = loneliness+ loneliness+ loneliness and actually supports the victims of homelessness.

This support includes 7 stages of absorption, shelter, treatment, education, employment, return to the family and return to the society. During these 7 stages homelessness will be healed and the individual returns to the usual social life.

One of the Toloo’s advantages is that in the supportive process the clients will become the assistants (helpers).

We have always compared Iran to the developed countries since our childhood. Countries whose people have always been in prosperity, security, peace, and wealth. But even in the nick of time we did not replace Iran with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, it was a very bitter point that made us sad, and it was when addiction and poverty was tied to the name of our country.

Over the past decade, for thousands of reasons, the triangle of poverty, addiction and apathy has produced a result called “looting”. Plundering the beliefs, dreams and hopes we had for building Iran.

If we want to rise again in the midst of all this darkness, we need “kindness”, hope and light, and today we could see, the secret of rising again is to save our people. Not from poverty, not from addiction, but from indifference.

We want to empathize once again, and empathy into the essence of dawn means bringing our dreams closer together and partner together to see a secure, hopeful, rich and happy Iran, and not see ourselves as creditors of our country, while we would never give up.

Toloo’s annual performance report is a sign that we have not  given up, a document of standing and moving forward and development during the time that economic pressures and social failures instilled fear in every moment, but with your cooperation and support, Toloo not only kept going but also became more determined and  creative.

Akbar Rajabi Mashhood

During a decade of loving and sincere service to homeless people, Toloo has become a solid base today and a safe shelter among victims of homelessness problem and the drug addiction. Toloo hopes that in the shadow of the social awareness and with the full support of this organization, no one would pass the night in streets with insecurity till morning.

The mission of the organization is to support people affected by social harm, especially homelessness and addiction, and to expand the social sensitivity of community members to each other, as well as to change society’s view of such harm -which can be the most important factor in interrupting the cycle of harm production.

Toloo Bi-neshanha Society strives to be a solid pillar of support for homelesss, those in the cycle of social harm whom are increasing due to the indifference of society and social crises.

With discipline and continuity on Kindness ritual and Presence in vulnerable areas, every Tuesday, to distribute warm food, also by encouraging these people and remind them that  any victim with strong intention of returning to social life, Toloo will hold their hands and be by their sides till recovery and returning to society.

Toloo Bi-neshanha Society is working on launching and promoting preventive projects that help people affected by homelessness and their families , also to prevent people from entering  into the cycle of homelessness and addiction  by dynamic and effective presence in vulnerable areas to empower and educate children and adolescents at risk.